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SS7 / VoIP / IMS

Voice Quality Testing

GL VQT software provides the voice quality measurement and analysis tools for all types of networks carrying voice traffic. The VQT provides the analysis of the recorded voice files using ITU specifications P.862.1 (PESQ), P.862.2 (PESQ WB), P.861 (PSQM), and P.800 (PAMS).

​VQuad is a user-friendly software with a USB based hardware component (Dual UTA Universal Telephony Adapter) connects to any mobile, landline or VoIP device and perform automated testing of voice, data, and video quality on the associated network. The Dual UTA incorporates several interfaces including Bluetooth, 2-wire analog FXO, 4-wire E&M and 3.5mm microphone/speaker jacks.

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