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SS7 / VoIP / IMS

Network Monitoring ( KPI )


Our network monitoring solution provides a comprehensive view of the network across legacy and next-generation technologies.

It integrates network monitoring, troubleshooting as well as service and customer quality monitoring of converged networks. With different probe platforms,  it can support SS7 legacy infrastructure, 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks as well as IP based high bandwidth 3G mobile data, next-generation 4G networks, and converged multimedia networks (VoIP/IMS).

Real-time dashboard graphs and traffic monitoring applications are ideal tools for operational personnel managing the network infrastructure.

In addition to network-wide troubleshooting like real time and historical call tracing, it can fulfil the needs for both real time reporting and long term trend analysis with highly flexible customised key performance indicator (KPI) and reports.  Customer can proactively manage and verify their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by partner using comprehensive set of roaming and interconnect KPI functions.

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