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SS7 / VoIP / IMS

Protocol Analysis


Our protocol analyzer is a powerful network troubleshooting solution. It provides the deep network insight and visibility required for today's complex and multi-protocol networks.

Flexible L2-L7 filtering feature can help customer to identify suspect protocol message easily. Call tracing effectively equips users with a magnifying glass to detect the needle in the haystack of collected data. By reducing a large number of calls list in the call table by filter criteria such as a specific IMSI, calling/called number or a release cause value, user can drill down to those calls that require further attention.

The selected call shows the complete message flow across all relevant network elements by ladder diagram. A detailed frame view allows down to the bit analysis of the call trace to facilitate root cause analysis. Filtered call trace result can be exported to third party format like CSV or PCAP format for further analysis.
Message based statistic and KPI report can help user to have a broad scan of the capture traffic and quickly identify potential problems.  User can drill down to the call/transaction from KPI with just a mouse click.

Multiple client access is possible for multi-user environment.

It can support different physical interface type like T1/E1, STM-1 and 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet. Wide range of protocol can be supported like SS7 (TUP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, INAP, CAMEL), UMTS (Iub, IuCS/PS, Gn/Gp, MAP), LTE (S1, S6a, S11, S5/S8), VoIP (H.323, SIP, MGCP, H.248, Sigtran) and IMS (SIP, Diameter) protocols.

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