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SS7 / VoIP / IMS

TDM Grooming

Telena's Monitoring Access System (MAS) is a complete range of products enabling Operators, Service Providers and IT Managers to create an independent acess for monitoring purposes.

Telena IRIS can support DS0 grooming function from multiple E1/T1 links in order to reduce deployment cost of monitoring probe system. In IP domain,  Aster provides Ethernet aggregation feature with powerful filter. Falco can support SDH/E1/T1 to IP conversion with filtering function in order to enable legacy interface monitoring by IP probe.

Nibbio can help for remote TDM monitorig over IP network in order to concentrate into centralized site over low cost IP link. It can highly reduce deployment cost of remote site monitoring system.

Telena also provides high density TAP solution by product called PluriTAP and Ethernet replicator by product called M-port.

They all can be integrated with any existing protocol analyzer or monitoring system. An easy and intuitive Drag and Drop GUI allow to manage all the Monitoring Access System product

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