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Wi Fi

- WiFi Performance Test


Ixia VeriWave Solutions: World-leading Realism, Scale, and Intelligence


The global standard for performance assessment, Ixia Wi-Fi test solutions deliver the realism, scale, and advanced intelligence needed to validate and optimize today’s WLAN infrastructures. By generating diverse client mixes and emulating stressful live-network conditions, VeriWave systems enable efficient, automated testing that cannot be achieved by any other means.


The first solution to combine application traffic generation with deep, client-level emulation, Ixia VeriWave enables:


· Comprehensive WiFi performance assessment: throughput, range, roaming,

   interoperability, failover


· Integrated Layer 1-7 802.11ac testing combining RF testing, impairment tools,

  traffic generation, and channel modeling in a single solution


· Industry-best realism with device finger-printing emulating common Wi-Fi    

  clients (iPhones, Androids, and other devices)


· High-scale testing generating tens of thousands of user-defined Wi-Fi clients


· Application QoE measurements from the user point of view


Ixia Wi-Fi test solutions assess both the impact of intended new devices on existing WLANs and the network’s effect on device performance. Generating large volumes of multiple types of clients at once, VeriWave enables cost-effective, automated testing that does not require countless mobile devices to be bought and managed.

Only Ixia Wi-Fi Test


World-leading WLAN infrastructure manufacturers, chip developers, service providers, mobile device manufacturers, and enterprises rely on Ixia Wi-Fi test solutions to keep pace with the growing volume and urgency of Wi-Fi traffic. Selected by Microsoft to conduct AP and Wi-Fi client device certifications for Microsoft Lync deployments, only VeriWave provides:


· End-to-end test coverage from the lab to the field with solutions for WLAN

  infrastructure development, device testing, and Wi-Fi site assessment


· User-centric performance assessment with QoE measured in metrics

  relevant to each application: video downloads, voice call quality, web downloads,

  unified communications, email, file transfers


· Reduced test cycles and cost of test through automation and repeatability


· Breakthrough 802.11ac testing featuring RF measurements in real-time on

  every packet


Comprehensive testing of access points and WLAN controllers overcomes the risks inherent in releasing new products too soon—or not soon enough. Ixia's industry-leading Wi-Fi performance validation ensures successful launches out of the gate and as Wi-Fi infrastructures and devices evolve.

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