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Optical Fiber

Network Quality Monitoring System fiber: EXFO NQMSfiber

Managing your cable and fiber network is a full-time concern. By running remote test units (RTUs) deployed at key locations across the network, EXFO’s NQMSfiber Network Quality Monitoring System is the ideal monitoring solution.

Featuring sophisticated functions such as alarm management and reporting, trouble-ticket handling and complete network status schematic viewing, the NQMSfiber enables you to integrate all your network operation and maintenance activities into your existing network management systems. NQMSfiber also provide network documentation based on GIS for mapping of the as-built and fault-on-map feature.

A Fully Scalable Solution For All Your Monitoring Needs

You are considering purchasing a monitoring system but your current needs do not require a fully-integrated server-based solution? EXFO’s Fiber Guardian Stand-Alone Remote OTDR Unit is the perfect entry point to start monitoring at your own pace. Plus, it allows you to migrate seamlessly to a complete monitoring solution without changing test units whenever you are ready.

Key Features

• One-click automatic provisioning capabilities
• Web-based element management system (EMS) and remote test unit (RTU)
• 24/7 detection, location and tracking of fiber degradations
• Unique RFTS test method for reference data management
• Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities
• Fault-on-map feature with GIS-based network documentation (optional)

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