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Optical Fiber

Power meter/Light source: EXFO power meter and light source

Power meter

Power meters are part of the toolbox essentials for all technicians installing or maintaining any type of fiber networks. There are general-purpose power meters, semi-automated ones, as well as power meters optimized for certain types of networks, such as FTTx or LAN/WAN architectures. It’s all a matter of choosing the right gear for the need.

Light source

Light sources perform a variety of functions. While some fall under the multipurpose category, providing automated features, others are optimized for specific tasks such as detecting faults, breaks and microbends in the fiber. 
The key is choosing the right light source for the job.

EXFO’s worry-free, straightforward instruments let you accurately measure signal attenuation during fiber-optic cable deployment in FTTx/PON access networks and LAN/WAN links, certify premises networks, and perform any other task related to general outside plant installations.

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