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Optical Fiber

High resolution OTDR: Luciol OTDR

The LOR-200 is a family of fully portable stand-alone OTDRs. The instrument is integrated in a Windows XP based PC-platform with touchscreen interface.

The LOR-200 is based on Luciol’s novel scanning photon-counting technology (US patent #7,593,098). It achieves a superior dynamic range, and allows high resolution fiber characterization up to a total distance range of 160 km.

The LOR-200 is optimized for telecom wavelengths, typically from 1000 nm to 1650 nm. It has industry-leading resolution and dead-zones. The optical pulse width is variable from 2 ns to 1 µs. A large variety of wavelength options are available, up to 4 different emitters can be integrated in a single module. The fiber options include single-mode and multi-mode versions.

In addition, a model  designed for FTTx applications is available. This version allows in service testing of passive optical networks (PON) and can easily see through optical splitters. All necessary filter elements, including Raman-backscattering filters are included in this OTDR.

Benefit from the LOR-200’s high resolution for your FTTx/PON application for precise fault location and ONT detection.

The LOR-220 is part of the LOR-200 family of fully portable stand-alone OTDRs. Models  designed for aviation applications are available. Benefit from the LOR-220’s high resolution for troubleshooting, fiber monitoring and precise fault location.

Key Features

• Lightweight stand-alone OTDR
• Windows XP based touchscreen user interface
• 2 ns to 1000 ns optical pulse-width
• High dynamic range for loss and reflectance measurements
• Distance range up to 160 km
• Singlemode and multimode versions available
• Wide range of wavelength options (400-1650 nm)
• PON/FTTx applications optimized models
• Extra options: VFL, OPM, fiber-microscope

The ν-OTDR is our highest resolution instrument. Sub-ns optical pulses and Luciol’s high speed detection technique make fiber optical testing with sub-cm resolution possible.
The high refresh rate of the instrument allows real-time monitoring of optical fibers.

The measurement is done in windows of 200 m or 800 m (depending on the type of detector). This window can be set to any user defined position up to a total measurement range of 40 km.

The ν-OTDR connects to an external PC via it’s USB interface. A user friendly software is provided.

The ν-OTDR is available as a custom system for almost all types of optical fibers and wavelengths, including for example Plastic Optical Fibers (POFs) at 650 nm, large core glass fibers, and all types of single mode fibers.

Key Features

Sub-ns optical pulse-width
• Sub-cm spatial resolution
• 1 second refresh time
• Lightweight instrument with standard USB interface

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