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IP Network / Application

VoIP Testing: IXIA IxLoad

IxLoad Voice is the perfect tool for functional, interoperability, performance, and stability testing of VoIP devices and networks readiness prior to deployment. All major VoIP signaling protocols are covered by IxLoad VoIP: SIP, MGCP, H.248, H.323, and SCCP. Audio, tones, video conferencing, and fax media are generated and analyzed over the established calls.

Key Features

•     Very large scale operation – emulating more than 1.1 million subscribers per chassis

•     Emulates real-world traffic using Ixia’s highly scalable test platform

•     Simultaneously supports data, voice, and video protocols to emulate a multiplay subscriber


•     Simulates VoIP endpoints, servers, and clouds

•     Drag and drop GUI permits functional building blocks to be easily assembled into test cases

       and call flows with automatic protocol rule enforcement

•     Test cases built for functional and feature testing can be reused for stress testing

•     Extensive coverage of VoIP media protocols: virtually any audio codec, tones, video

       conferencing, and fax over IP (T.38).

•     Tests a device’s ability to sustain designed load level of media

•     Performs real time quality of service measurement using various metrics: MOS R-Factor for

       audio, perceptual evaluation of speech quality, video quality metrics, and fax quality of service.

•     Measures quality of voice, video, or fax between endpoints with mixed signaling protocols

•     Plays real media clips

•     Supports multiple type of media in same call and same test

•     Provides ladder diagrams and media decoding with built-in packet capture and analyzer for in-

       depth signaling and RTP stream analysis

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