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IP Network / Application

Application Server Performance Testing: IXIA IxLoad

IxLoad is the industry's most scalable solution for testing converged multiplay services and application delivery platforms. IxLoad emulates data, voice, and video subscribers and their associated protocols for ultra-high performance testing. Unique and advanced subscriber modeling capabilities create realistic scenarios to validate subscriber quality of experience (QoE).

Key Features

• Flexible framework offering in-depth features for functional and performance testing
• Emulates a complete multiplay user environment by running data, voice, and video services

• Models sequences of operations across multiple protocols to model multi-step subscriber

• Real-world user behavior by employing “think” times, configurable responses, impairment, etc.
• Virtual server and cloud testing through virtual test ports
• Constructs ramp-up, ramp-down user sessions – linear, step, and adaptive modes
• Integrated automation
• Wizards easily create complete tests and network topologies
• Seeks test objective goals automatically, including concurrent connections, connection rate,

   simulated users, and throughput
• Traffic mapping configures IP addresses and VLANs that will send and receive traffic to and

   from each other
• Built-in impairment function with multiple impair profiles allows introduction of latency, jitter,

   and dropped packets, fragmentation, and upload/download bandwidth limit to be applied on

• IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
• Uses link layer protocols, including PPPoE, IPsec, and DHCP
• Layer 2/3 authentication mechanisms such as WebAuth, 802.1x and NAC
• Real-world network configurations, including multiple sub-networks, unique MAC addresses,

   802.1q, 802.1p, and emulated router support

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