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Network Impairment Emulation: IXIA ImpairNet

ImpairNet and Ixia layer 2 through 3 load generator modules co-exist in the same chassis, thus providing unprecedented scaling to test network impairments for extensive network emulations. Users save time and effort with Ixia's integrated user interface, which enables rapid configuration of both layer 2 and layer 3 traffic, as well as network impairments.

An easy-to-use interface gives users access to a unique integration of traffic generation and associated impairment configuration. This also ensures simplified impairment test creation by generating many protocol fields of interest in the traffic classifier configuration, which users can customize to meet a variety of testing needs. Additionally, ImpairNet interoperates with IxN2X, IxLoad, 3rd-party traffic generators, and live network traffic.

ImpairNet supports unprecedented levels of latency and network distance simulation. A 1GE load module supports 6s of latency across a port pair; 12s of latency is simulated by chaining both port pairs present in a load module. Similarly, 10GE load modules support 600ms and 1.2s of latency, simulated using one or two port pairs respectively. The 40GE version supports 500ms of latency across a port pair, and 1 second by cascading ports.

This high level of latency enables emulation of long distances and corresponding network latency, so applications are tested under real-word conditions. ImpairNet's high-speed, hardware-based architecture ensures superior test accuracy and deterministic behavior. The 1GE, 10GE, 40GE ports achieve full-line rate impairment for 64- to 9180-byte Ethernet frames with no packet loss.

ImpairNet is integrated with IxNetwork traffic generation and analysis, which provides flexibility in impairment configuration. Users create and impair traffic flows with reusable classifier and impairment profiles. ImpairNet is also integrated with Ixia’s StatViewer, which provides many useful features to view and analyze impairment statistics.

In addition, Ixia's Test Composer automation framework enables users to rapidly build test and automation scenarios.

Key Features

• Highest 1GE, 10GE, and 40GE port density in industry
• Only 40GE impairment solution in the industry
• High-speed, hardware-based architecture ensures superior network performance by creating  

  precise scenarios with accurate and scalable impairments

• Unified hardware chassis for traffic load modules and ImpairNet integration lowers total cost of

  ownership by leveraging existing investment in Ixia hardware

• Common IxNetwork GUI for configuring traffic, protocols, and impairments shortens time to test
• Emulation of real-life network conditions with rapid, accurate, and highly-scalable impairment

  applications for layer 2 through 3 traffic

• 600ms delay with 10GE port pair, 6s with 1GE port pair, and 500ms delay with 40GE port pair

  enables unprecedented latency emulation

• Automated testing using Test Composer
• Powerful StatViewer Interface provides statistics at link, traffic classifier, and impairment profile


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