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FiberChannel (FCoE) Testing: IXIA IxNetwork

Ixia provides the most comprehensive feature set in the industry for testing next generation Data Center Ethernet (DCE) and Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) products and services.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is an evolutionary technology that merges the functionality of fibre channel onto 10 GB Ethernet links. FCoE simplifies the data center, reduces cabling and adaptor requirements while protecting investments in existing Ethernet LAN and fibre channel networks.

The IxNetwork FCoE emulation option evaluates the functionality, performance and scalability of FCoE switch products. This new generation of switches provides lossless Ethernet transport for FCoE while still servicing native Ethernet traffic. IxNetwork provides the protocol emulation and traffic generation to fully qualify an FCoE switch or a converged data center Ethernet network.

Key Features

• Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support
• Concurrent generation of FCoE and traditional Ethernet traffic
• Concurrent generation of FCoE and layer 4-7 stateful traffic
• Node and Port World Wide Name (WWN) configuration
• Fabric Provided MAC Address (FPMA), Server Provided MAC Address (SPMA) or both
• Name server supporting Register, DeRegister and Query
• FIP Discovery, VLAN Discovery, FLOGI, NPIV FDISC, LOGO Requests
• ENode, VN_Port, and NPIV emulation
• FCoE/FIP Login/Logout rate
• Priority Groups and Priority Flow Control (PFC) support enabling testing of Lossless Ethernet
• FCoE Protocol Wizard
• FCoE support in the Traffic Wizard
• Track-by options for FCoE parameters
• View FCoE and FIP learned information from the DUT
• FCoE client emulation
• Event scheduler support
• Integrated test support for throughput testing
• FCoE packet templates
• FIP packet templates with all defined operations and descriptors
• Real-time protocol decode support with optional Analyzer
• Tcl API for FCoE and FIP packet templates
• Leverage industry leading 10GB Ethernet NGY load modules
• 10Gb scalability allowing for up to 96 ports in a single chassis

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