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IPTV Testing: IXIA IxLoad

IxLoad evaluates the performance of video services delivered over an IP network and provides a comprehensive solution for testing IPTV networks, video networks, and other devices that carry video traffic.

IxLoad emulates true video on demand (VoD), IPTV subscribers, and video servers sending real-time full motion video. IxLoad uses network, transport, and perceptual video quality techniques in real-time to measure the impact of delivering video over an IP network.

Quality of experience (QoE) refers to the overall effectiveness of a service or product. In the case of video content delivered to the home by cable operators or new Telco service provider entrants, it includes all aspects of the video delivery. And sas more content is offered in high definition (HD) and providers charge a premium for it, the audio/visual quality experience increasingly plays a key role in customers subscribing to and keeping the services.

As a result, assessing video quality as part of service pre-deployment testing is a cornerstone for success in the market.

Key Features

• Accurate video, audio, and multimedia Mean Opinion Score using frame-based analysis
• Greater insight in real-time with average and interval based scores
• Support for RTP and MPEG transport streams, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264 codecs
• Analyze scrambled and encrypted streams using header information
• Automatic detection of group of pictures (GoP) structure, bit rate, and frame information
• Comprehensive frame-level analysis, including IPB frames, I-Frame gap
• Uses frame-based loss analysis to provide accurate measurements than loss alone
• Video scene analysis gives indication on the nature of content (detail, motion, panning)

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