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Ethernet / Transmission

40G/100G Testing: EXFO transmission testers

As bandwidth demands continue to grow, network service providers are looking at 40G and 100G networks to accommodate the constant traffic surge. This new technology translates into greater speeds and a possible network infrastructure upgrade to compensate for various challenges that do not apply to slower networks, such as 10G.

Providing high-speed connectivity while protecting current network infrastructures requires broad expertise and wide-ranging testing to qualify the state of the fiber, perform fiber characterization and assess the integrity of data transmission over long-haul and ultra-long-haul networks.

EXFO's 40G/100G expertise encompasses network component and fiber testing throughout all the transmission network stages for commissioning, provisioning, turn-up and troubleshooting of networks. EXFO offers a range of 40G/100G testing solutions from the client interface to the line interface and the fiber network itself—to ensure seamless wireline and wireless network infrastructure upgrades.

Key Features

•     100G Ethernet tester fully compliant with IEEE 802.3ba standard and

        OTU4/OTU3 as per ITU-T G.709

•     OTU4/OTU3 and OTU3e1/e2 with forward error correction (FEC) and optical

        transport layer (OTL) testing capabilities as software options

•     100G/40G Ethernet mapping over OTN and OTU4/OTU3 single and

        multistage multiplexing capabilities for transponder and muxponder testing

•     100G/40G IP traffic at 100% transmission with full Ethernet statistics, packet

        capture and advanced traffic filtering capabilities

•      RFC 2544 including throughput, back-to-back, latency and frame loss

        measurements with five distinct Smart Loopback modes

•      Fully integrated testing capabilities for assessing CFP and 10x10 MSA-

        compliant optical modules with CFP health check as well as automated

        stress testing capabilities and full MDIO access

•      Physical-layer performance assessment: PCS into CAUI/XLAUI and logical

        into physical mappings, skew testing and advanced signal conditioning


•      Combines with the FTB-8130NGE and offers 10M-to-112G multiservice

        testing capabilities in a single instrument for lab testing and field

        deployments with remote management, battery operation, predefined user

        configurations and complete automation capabilities

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