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Data Center

InfiniBand Switch Systems



Mellanox's family of InfiniBand switches deliver the highest performance and port density with complete fabric management solutions to enable compute clusters and converged data centers to operate at any scale while reducing operational costs and infrastructure complexity.


Mellanox switches includes a broad portfolio of Edge and Director switches supporting 20,40 and 56Gb/s port speeds and ranging from 8 ports to 648 ports. These switches allow IT managers to build the most cost-effective and scalable switch fabrics ranging from small clusters up to 10's-of-thousands of nodes, and can carry converged traffic with the combination of assured bandwidth and granular quality of service ensuring the highest productivity.


Mellanox's family of switches is designed for performance, serviceability, energy savings and high-availability. These switches are optimized for fitting into industry-standard racks and for scale-out computing solutions from industry leaders.


By combining industry standard InfiniBand technology with integrated Ethernet gateways, Mellanox switches provide scalable fabric for powering the world’s largest and fastest high performance computing systems and next generation data centers.


 Value Proposition




















































· Mellanox switches come in with port configuration from 8 to 648 at 56Gb/s per port with the

  ability to build clusters that can scale out to thousands of nodes


· Mellanox switches support LAN and SAN traffic consolidation with unlimited scalability across

  application, database and storage servers ideal for Enterprise Data Centers (EDC) and cloud

  computing applications


· Mellanox switches delivers high bandwidth with low latency to get highest server efficiency and 

  application productivity ideal for High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.


· Mellanox Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) ensures optimal cluster and data center performance

  with high availability and reliability


· Best price/performance solution with error-free 40Gb/s and 56Gb/s fabrics

· Built with Mellanox's 4th and 5th generation InfiniScale® and SwitchX™ switch silicones


· Industry-leading energy efficiency, density, and cost saving switches company


· Ultra low latency· Granular QoS for Cluster, LAN and SAN traffic


· Quick and easy setup and management


· Maximizes performance by removing fabric congestions


· Fabric Management for cluster and converged I/O applications

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