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2G / 3G / LTE (KPI / Roaming service)

The mobile network monitoring system is a 7x24, comprehensive and network wide monitoring solution. It provide a single platform for multi-user to real-time, offline and proactively monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing the whole 2G/3G/LTE network.

It's high capacity probe solution can support different kind of physical interfaces for data capturing. The scalable harddisk space is suitable for huge and sustaining data storage. 

With the variant and customized KPI, alarms and reports, the overall health of mobile network can be monitoring. It also provided Top-to-down drill-down function for specific problem detail troubleshooting.

The network monitoring solution has developed with fast call trace, protocol anaylsis and some additional and useful features, such as roaming traffic monitoring, user-plane analysis and DPI analysis

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